She keeps trying to call

I told CBFS a million times that I no longer need their services and they no longer have my permission to contact any of my providers, period.

Now, about every other day even since I made that call, my CBFS worker has been calling me.  I don’t pick up.  Finally, I’ve got that line she calls from at her agency going straight into voicemail so it won’t ring at all.  She also calls from her cell phone, an “anonymous” number, of course.  This is tricky cuz a lot of folks call me from unlisted numbers without a caller ID.  I really, really, really don’t want to speak with or see this woman again or anyone from CBFS.

I told them over and over I have no use for them, and to bug off.  They agreed.   They finally agreed to stop “services,” not that they ever did anything for me.    But this worker keeps phoning me.  It feels like harassment and I am going to complain to the state if she keeps this up.

I’m not sure what’s going on here.  Is she trying to strike some deal with me?  Trying to get me to shut up because of someone’s reputation or whatever?  Aw, c’mon, she should know, she should know I don’t shut up when someone fucks me over.

Um, no, some wrongdoing happened here.  I came home to a mess, my stuff rifled through, and I’m trying to piece it all together.

Apparently she left with Puzzle when they took me away by ambulance.  My little Puzzle.  Just took off with Puzzle, and then came back the next day and left Puzzle here.  I heard this from a reliable source.

Sometimes, you just wish your dog could talk.

I remember thinking to myself, “Is this going to be Puzzle’s new home?  With G?  G doesn’t even like dogs!”  It was about the last thing I recall.  Worrying about what will become of Puzzle.  But then, I knew Puzzle was going to be okay and everything would be okay.

Then, of course, it all got rather quiet.

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