I should really blast them away

Yeah, I could do that.  Blast away Mount Auburn Hospital and tell about all the lousy stuff they did to me.  Okay, so I’ve named the hospital already.  Never did that before, but now, you know.

And you guys know the stuff they did to me was not right.

One day, I wrote some letters to MindFreedom because the doc, let’s call him Dr. R, told me,

“I will not allow you to leave this hospital until you are on an antipsychotic drug”

which, as far as I’m concerned, is forced drugging.

I should just blast them away until they, like Mass General did in the past, have me blacklisted.  Then, I will never have to go back.  I won’t be allowed back due to


Oh, their precious reputation will be hurt.

I do love being a writer.  Of course, they paid no attention to that little fact.

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