Assumptions and kit gloves

Has anyone else had this problem?  Let me explain.

So something bad happens to you.  Then, after that, everyone around you always jumps the gun and assumes you are “upset” when you aren’t.  Everyone assumes you are totally falling apart, when in fact you are not, you are fine.  You get treated with kit gloves because everyone assumes you’re gonna go berserk on them.

Guess what?  Here are some points I’d like to make:

If a person is crying, does it mean they are about to do something self-destructive?  No, of course it doesn’t.  Please quit assuming.  Just quit it.

I cry when I am moved by something.  When I see beautiful artwork, I cry.  No, I don’t sob, I just cry cuz I am deeply moved.

Being deeply moved is the reason for 90% of the tears I shed.  No, I repeat a thousand times no, my tears do not mean I am “falling apart” and I don’t need a doctor or hospital or pill for my tears.  I like crying and am perfectly fine and comfortable with it.

If something goes wrong, such as the laundry machine not working, does this mean I am totally off the wall and need a hospital?  Absolutely not.  Just bug off, guys, bug off.

This kit gloves thing is getting way out of proportion.

Now, let me go get my laundry out of the dryer.


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