About my July Nano book, what the title is, etc

In case you were wondering what happened to the book I was writing in July…I indeed was participating in July Nano but as you know I did have a gigantic computer crash.  Yeah, it was all tough.  I did recover my data.  I was very happy about this.  I was able to recover the book I was writing right away but was not able to open the file, meaning that i knew I had the file in my hands but the computer I had was not able to handle the file…hard to explain.  The machine did not have enough RAM and the program I was using…hard to explain but I have a different machine now and am able to open the file just fine.

As for the rest of my data…those of you who are not nerds may not appreciate this so I will simplify….

Imagine this: losing everything from undergraduate school and graduate school.  Yup.  All those little short stories and assignments, everything.  Well, I thought I’d lost all that, plus all those letters and miscellaneous files I’d stored over the years.

Not only that but all the pictures of Puzzle as a puppy.  Well, I got everything back thankfully.  Not only that but some instruction manuals I had saved, too.

Did I simplify enough?  Do you understand what this means?  You don’t have to be a computer nerd to get this.

Anyway, back to my Nano book.  I got that back but hell, now what?  Do you want to know the exact title of the book?

It’s freaking funny.  The title i mean.  Here it is:

How to Get Well and Get Out of the Mental Health System for Good

Now I want to tell you something.  My file contains a video and the video isn’t that long.  I transcribed the video into text.  Anyway, I put that into the book, too.  Basically, the book describes how to get well in three simple steps.

Now, listen to me.  This can be applied to any “label” that is, “diagnosis” that the mental health system put on you, whether it is ED or any diagnosis that they put on you.  Anything.

So, I have seen the 12-step program work for people, but guess what?  It doesn’t work for some diagnoses.  I have seen it work for only some ED’s for only a year or two and then it flops miserably.

The “Recovery Movement” simply does not apply to ED because ED is part medical.  I read their stuff and I said to myself, “Huh?”  I didn’t get it.  It didn’t apply.

Well, anyway…I myself got well in 1997/1998 using this three-step method and I saw someone else get better using the same method.

In fact, I’ve seen lots of people get better using this method.

It works and it does not require money or special equipment or special food or “family support.”  So if you have no money or no “loving family” around you, it will still work.

What can I do?  No one listens to me.  Well, I can keep writing.  As you know, I don’t shut up.

See you later.  I love you all.

Feedback and comments welcome!