My blog has had over 50,000 views and it is a cold New England summer morning

I  have made over 1,700 posts.  That’s a lot.

There have been very few comments, considering.  Only 900.  These are the ones that I have “approved.”  The rest were spam.  There were lots of those and these were filtered out.  Very few out of my Facebook “friends” actually read what I write on here anymore.  Honestly, I stopped giving a shit cuz I realized that those that wanted to read it were still reading.  Those that still cared still cared.  You stubborn bitches are still there.  Dang.

I woke up this morning and saw the temps.  62.  I said to myself, “New England is happy about this.”  Well, me, I told myself this is the kind of day for my War Gear.  Yep, a winter day for me.

The kind of day for a hat and gloves.  But no, I put on only a jacket.  That was rather dumb considering I’m on the skinny side.  I need more than a jacket what to me is cold weather.  I was spoiled by our heat wave.

I put on music that reminded me (don’t laugh) of my fat days.  This, I call, my “fat music.”  I’m not kidding you.  I really do call it that.  Do other people with eating disorders have fat music?  Well, I do. This is my fat music.  It doesn’t bother me to listen to it and I don’t believe that listening to it will make me fat.  No, I rather like this music.

It’s the music I listened to while I was on Seroquel and I went to the gym and worked out for hours on end and, sadly, could never, ever, lose weight.  I do remember that.  I remember, sadly, listening to this music and thinking that I was going to work out like crazy….

Anyway, this is the music.  My beloved “fat music.”  I think everyone has some.

I came home and now have on wool socks and a hat and I feel sick and I have walked and fed Puzzle (she just burped in my face) and I am going to cuddle with her in our sleeping bag for a long time.  See you later, assholes.

3 thoughts on “My blog has had over 50,000 views and it is a cold New England summer morning”

    1. Puzzle and I had great cuddling. I almost used my space heater today, was so cold. I finally took off my wool socks and hat. After our cuddling we took a walk. I love walking and thinking up writing ideas at the same time. Must admit though, while walking and thinking up writing ideas, I also did a third thing at the same time, I wore a fleece hat to stay warm. Three things at once? How’s that for multitasking?


      1. Well, that made no sense, I said I took off my hat, then I said I wore it. Gee, what kind of brain fart was that?

        Actually, I told the truth. I took off my hat then promptly freaked out and put it back on. Later, while drinking something hot I finally warmed up enough to remove it.


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