On the bus

I am on the bus listening to music.

Soon, the bus will arrive where I want to get off, and I will exit.

This is Watertown, where a kid hid in a boat.

I am here, too. Does anyone read my story? I don`t know.

Here I am, on a bus in this town full of many stories.

Do you know this? Or do you only know the story of the kid in the boat?

Okay, I am getting off the bus now.

Love, Julie

4 thoughts on “On the bus”

  1. I’m not sure i understand… I believe you are referring to the Boston Marathon bomber, who killed three people, including an eight year old child, and injuring 264 others, with 14 amputations, who were killed just because they were in range of the explosion, as a “kid” on a boat? What is that suppose to mean?

    1. I am only saying there are many stories here. We have many people in our town and we have a library here too. In fact, we have a large Armenian library and our town is rich in Armenian immigration history. Our town has an unusually large senior population. A lot happened in our town before April 19, 2013, and history will go on and on, for many years to come. We will still have our duplexes, our postage-stamp size yards, the trucks selling ice cream sandwiches singing down the streets in summer, the kids on skateboards, the working people walking home at in late afternoon with their music on headphones, and our little parks, which others, perhaps, in other towns, might look upon and sneer at, but to us, they are certainly precious as gold.

      There are plenty of stories here. Untold stories. You hear only pieces of them. Stories that may happen in any town in America. Sometimes you read a police report of “incidents” and you can only try to put together the rest of the puzzle. These, of course, are the things you hear whispered about even when you are a kid. Divorce. Somebody beat their kids. Drugs. Scandal. Domestic trouble, lots of that.

      But you don’t read the whole story in the paper. Only the police report. Isn’t that funny? You try to put the puzzle together. Just like when we were kids. We hear the adults whisper and we can only guess what it all means.

      So what am I saying? There’s more to our town than just the fact that someone came here on April 19, 2013 and very much shook things up. It’s hard for us here. Life goes on and every one of us here matters.

  2. It is true that Watertown’s claim to fame should not/does not lie soley in the capture of the Marathon bomber, and that there are untold/unheard stories from the residents there. Still, referring to him as a “kid in a boat”…

    1. Well, yes. He came here and hid in a boat. I’d do that too, if I were 19. When I was 19, I got my first dog. When I was 21, I did my hitch-hiking trip. I would have done something as off-beat as to spend a whole night sleeping on someone’s boat when they were not looking. I tried to sleep in a graveyard but there were too many mosquitoes. I ran out of there slapping my shoulders like I’d been spooked by a ghost. Must’ve been funny to watch. Not much later, I walked out of a brainwashing cult. Not too many people walked out of that cult. Kids do what kids do. When I was 23, I spent a night on a sleeping on a school bus. I was with another girl and her sister. Some kids are a little off-beat. Maybe it took us a while to grow up. My rent has always gotten paid on time. Julie

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