I’ve already decided what to do about the hot water problem

I will wait till Monday.  I will approach the manager.  I prefer to approach the manager rather than go to maintenance.  I never know who is going to be in that office when I get there.  I never know how I will be treated.  Sometimes, whatever problem I bring up, I get poked fun at.  I’m serious, guys, they do poke fun at me.  Like they beat around the bush or change the topic.  Or say that they have no clue what I’m talking about and refer me elsewhere.  I once called, this ages ago, and they did nothing but make jokes about the problem I was calling about.  I think I said there was a mouse in my apartment and the lady made jokes about “mousie,” and so on.  I honestly wanted to inform them and was rather upset to have a mouse there.  I had mixed feelings, too.  I wanted to deal with this little creature humanely.  I think he or she just ran off.  Maybe he didn’t want to be called “Mousie,” eh?

Meanwhile, I will just keep my fingers crossed that by tomorrow at 7:30 or so, I’ve got water warm enough for a shower, or guts enough to be like a kid again, hold my breath, and take a cold one.

2 thoughts on “I’ve already decided what to do about the hot water problem”

    1. Oh yes, many people do that in summer. I would take a cold shower after running, and have in fact done that. But I have not had hot water since Saturday morning when I woke up and ran the water. It’s been well over 24 hours that my hot water has not worked properly. A person needs hot water to properly wash dishes, don’t you think? I prepare raw meat for Puzzle and have to use a mixture of hand sanitizer and soap to clean the utensils I use to prepare her food because of the lack of hot water. Some folks in my building need hot water to clean some types of clothes, and they haven’t been able to do so in our coin machines all weekend, unless, of course, the problem is only in my apartment and not building-wide. I mean, if they are going to the machines and setting it on “hot,” instead of washing their clothes in steaming hot water, they are surely only using water that is barely lukewarm. So they might wonder why their whites are not so clean. Not that this applies to me, I wash my laundry in cold water and not so often. Just sayin’. Julie

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