time to wake up and find your computer crashed and you have no home Internet till Oct 31


I was going to tell you something else, too.

As I said, `tis the season.

`Tis the season. Only that the summer, the heat can bring this back into me, knowing it has been now rolling into the second straight year since I nearly starved to death. It was about this time of year. The weather about like it is right now, the drums beating as they do right now.

My Joe died ten years ago August 19.

And today, I don`t have to sleep alone. Most my age choose to bring another, perhaps a pet if not a partner to sleep with them. So there is this beloved Other, one to hold, one to breathe with. My little Puzzle was snoring this afternoon. I`ve never heard her snore before. It was only because my wrist was under her neck and this bent it, so her airway was blocked. That`s what produced the snore sound.

Joe, also, snored in his sleep. I haven`t heard the sound of Joe snoring in ten years. Realizing this, I began to cry. I moved my hand from under Puzzle to wipe my tears.


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