A Time to Laugh, Time to Crash (sent from my phone)

Yes, tis the season.
There was this book, I remember it well and I still own my copy. It originally belonged to my dad and was called Flatland. I apologize that my little phone cannot italicize the title to this book, which is, I suppose, what we ought to do to book titles if we are to be respectful of them, or maybe many people have heard of this book already so it is so well known that this slanting of letters is unnecessary anyway. The author I guess was immediately criticized for his antifeminist portrayal of women.

Yes. We women of no shape. See, one`s status in this society Flatland was dependent on the number of sides you had. So a square had higher status than a triangle. An octogon had very high status.

Guess how many sides women had? If I recall correctly, and I may not, we had two. Yes, we women were only lines.

Oh, glory be. Dang! I`d fuckimg be in Heaven if I could lose that much weight. If only I could walk around Invisible, right now, the lady with her

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