a handy thinamajig to have around

Just thought I`d pop by to let ya`lls know that I ain`t as dumb as I look, or shall I say (oh dear, this is a bit provocative) my I.Q.is not as low as my weight.

So to prove to the world that I`m smart, here`s my example of how I avoided what might have been a True Disaster.

Dear World,

I think having a blend of ground coriander and other various assundry mixed spices and broken glass strewn all over your kitchen…that and a little dog walking around in it loose counts as a True Disaster, right?

No, it didn`t happen. Why? Cuz I`m smart. I still have that thingamajig I saved after all these years that loosens metal lids just in case you`ve put them on glass jars too tightly.

Does this prove I`m smart? (and maybe, too, finally, that I`m not fat?)

Feedback and comments welcome!