Oh yes, I got rid of Jolly Wallet

And I didn’t have to pay a cent, or download anything that promised to do miracles.  No, I didn’t have to call anyone and say I was a helpless stupid woman living alone with her dog who had no money to pay anyone anything to help her with her computer.  Yes, I got rid of Jolly Wallet off of every fucking browser you can imagine, and I even have a machine with Windows 8, which means you can’t do a damn thing the normal way.

Actually, it wasn’t all that hard.  Don’t pay anyone ridiculous sums of money to get Jolly Wallet off your back.

Oh, by the way, if you do happen to get pop-ups that say “Jolly Wallet,” get them the hell out of your machines.  Tell ’em a helpless old lady with a raggedy dog told ya so.

2 thoughts on “Oh yes, I got rid of Jolly Wallet”

    1. It was ages ago and I can’t recall, but I’d suggest as soon as you get Jolly Wallet, get rid of it! It wasn’t hard last summer as soon as I recognized it was there, and it was obvious something was amiss. I don’t have a lot of techo know-how, just a basic knowledge of how Windows Explorer works. If I recall correctly, a virus scan alone didn’t do the trick, but also, I wrote this last summer 2013. It’s nearly December 2013, and by now, I’ll bet the antivirus people may have easy fixes for Jolly Wallet. Best of luck, Julie

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