Go on with it, and be brave, Julie

Yes, my blog has become central in my life.  I didn’t even realize it.  People are telling me to keep on writing and doing what I am doing.  Yes, it is the reason I have lost friends.  Yes, my big mouth (well, they call it “liability”) is the reason I am being refused care at the big hospital over there in Boston, never mind that I am telling the truth, I am not paranoid, I am doing nothing illegal, and folks all around me are doing nothing but cheering me on.

If I do pursue a legal case against the hospital, it will be lengthy…maybe over a year of digging into all kinds of paperwork and records and maybe a lot of people that were involved don’t even work there anymore.  What’s keeping this powerful hospital from fudging their records?  Who holds onto them?  After I concluded my inpatient stay in 2011, the nurses or one of the doctors could have “edited” a page or two about my “care.”

I mean, sending security guards up to “contain” an emaciated patient who has asked to bring an 8-oz bottle of water with her to sustain herself while she rides the bus home following discharge…the trip will be will be over 45 minutes…claiming this patient is not allowed to bring the water home, claiming carrying a bottle of water home is “stealing from the hospital.”

Of course, my fellow patients were laughing their asses off while I handed the very small bottle of water to the security guard.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to think.  I just shrugged, figuring I’d have to buy something very soon to drink after I left, because the water bottle I’d been carrying when I’d been admitted had probably gotten moldy sitting in my knapsack.

Well, life goes on.  I still don’t know what to think.

They told me while I was there, “We’re afraid of your writing.  We’re afraid you will expose the hospital.”  Oh yes, those exact words, no kidding.

I have 50 subscribers as of today.

Folks tell me to go on with it no matter what anyone says, and be brave.


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