Binge eating, more clarification

I thought I’d clarify a few things I said in a previous post.  As far as binge eating goes, I guess my argument there was that it makes no difference what weight the person is or what their background is I think the behavior should be treated as it is and for what it is, especially if it is severe it should be taken very, very seriously.  By severe I mean on any spectrum, how it impacts the person’s life, quantity, frequency, time spent at it, how it has affected their family, whether it has caused them to shoplift or caused chronic binge eating while driving or even once caused an accident, and other things.  And of course, if it causes severe overweight this is a consideration as well, but one of the many “axes,” which I guess is a term clinicians use.  I wonder if I was clear enough about this.

And I think I totally left out the #1 thing that binge eating totally destroys.

Self esteem.

I think that says a million.  Because if you have rotten self esteem from binge eating and binge eating BEHAVIOR is not in the DSM-5…..

Now, yes, bulimia is in the DSM-5, but it’s up to the clinicians and treatment places to treat binge eating behavior.  Are they indeed treating this behavior?  Do they really truly know how to treat it?

My experience is gross negligence and ignorance, never mind the prejudices and put-downs and the clinicians telling you how you need to gain self-control, to shut up and quit having crises, maybe follow your meal plan better, maybe listen better to them, throw out the damn scale, quit caffeine, take meds, quit taking meds, on and on and on and on.  Do they really know?  I mean, with so little research at their fingertips?

Are they, on the other hand, trying to tell you, after you have made yourself miserable, to “accept” how miserable you feel after you have binged, how stretched your belly is, and go on with your life? Now I ask you: how many times have they told you this and how many times has this cycle gone on and on?  Has this clinician ever eaten this much and does this clinician know how YOU feel right now?  Probably not.  This clinician isn’t going to go through the grief of your full belly for the next few hours.  Or the next day of feeling yucky and guilty and horribly full.

Accept this?  I say this is unacceptable and I say YOU don’t deserve this grief and misery. YOU didn’t ask for it.  No, YOU didn’t pick this binge eating behavior out of a vending machine and say to yourself, “I’m going to have this habit for the next 20 years or so” and then have to live with it.

You go to the treatment centers and guess what?  They don’t have any clue how to treat it and guess what?  Now, binge eating disorder is in the DSM-5.  Folks, this is huge, because the ONLY BEHAVIOR in binge eating disorder, in fact, is binge eating!  So guess what?  They are now forced to treat binge eating! They are forced to research the damned evasive miserable thing they don’t even want to face.

Cuz it’s ugly.  Binge eating is an ugly truth.  We shove stuff into our mouths and it’s not pretty, is it.  Think of everything ugly you’ve done, and know what I’m saying is true.  Hope lies ahead.

It’ll be a bit, maybe a bit of waiting, but there will be research.  Studies you’ll be able to get into for no money at all.  Places you can go that are covered by many insurances or even possibly if you are uninsured I’ll bet.

But we, us folk, we gotta do our part too.  We gotta keep speaking up.  Each of us do our part.  Keep writing and doing everything we can and I will too.  Just don’t shut up about it folks.

Feedback and comments welcome!