Human interaction

According to my Google Voice records,  the last phone call I received on my home phone number was two days ago from person X.  We spoke for about 15  minutes about how on earth I was going to get care.

So far, no such “care” has happened.

What the heck is “care” anyway?

According to my Google Voice records, my CBFS worker called three days ago and I told her I did not want her to come over here, but I gave her permission to phone me.  She has not phoned since, however I do know that she does not work Thursdays or Fridays. She is rather useless and I see no point in talking to her anyway.  I’ve discussed this enough on here and I don’t want to get into it further right now.

Now regarding this “care,” I’m supposedly going to get a “therapist,” but so far, no “therapist” has phoned me and said, “Hey, Julie, I’m so-and-so and I’m from such-and-such agency, and person X or your CBFS worker has contacted me and I’d like to set up and appointment with you….”

I did ask my CBFS worker to inquire about therapists, and person X is supposedly looking into the matter as well.  If, indeed there are openings….Person X was going to speak, I mean have an actual voice-to-voice conversation with said therapist….I guess this has not happened.

Actually, it was two weeks ago that my CBFS worker was supposed to get back to me about the matter of the therapists, and she did not.

But more than this so-called therapy, I need a medical appointment.  Now it is late Friday and no medical appointment has happened.  I guess my doctor has been poisoned, as I said in my previous blog entry, by a spiked pina colada, while vacationing in Aruba.

Person X said that if she could not get my regular primary care doctor to TAKE ACTION, she would find another doctor for me.  So maybe that’s what’s in the works.  I’m kinda scared to make any phone calls to find out whatever bad news is in store for me, such as….

…there is a six-month waiting list for doctors….

…there are no primary care physicians specializing in eating disorders that take Medicare and Medicaid (actually, I’m sure this is true, it’s got to be) that accept ADULTS……

….Julie, you are fucked……

Guess what?  I am 55 and alive, and you know something?  The doctor who told me, back in the 1980’s, that eating disorders were not very important, that they were minor and that people with eating disorders were probably “faking it” and that he would not even bother seeing me because schiz and bipolar were oh so much more serious….

He’s dead, of course.

More power to me.

Well, the time passes, the phone has not rung in two days, but I did make a business call I think the night before last that (as I think I told you) I sort of screwed up and resulted in the clearing out of my checking account.  I now have negative balance in there due to a red tape error.  No, I have not lost money or fallen for a scam, it was just a paypal thingy. I was dealing with an honest company and it was not my fault or the fault of the company, the whole thing happened  in a flash and then I figured it out, but I’ve got money in temporarily locked my paypal account instead of my checking account. Anyone who does business with PayPal knows the deal, and has probably made the same error.  On the third, namely Monday, I will get my federal check.  The remaining negative balance will come out of that, and then I’ll have something in my checking account again…until it all runs out rather shortly.  And life goes on.  I have never before overdrawn my checking account so I have no clue what the overdraft fee will be.

Bigger than a breadbox?  Or do we not talk about food?

And I have $13 left in food stamps and thankfully, some cash, and Puzzle has plenty of meat (which is why I only have $13 left in food stamps to last me till the 11th).

But I wasn’t going to talk about all those minor glitches.

Every doctor on the planet is off for the weekend and taking the next month off, folks.  There are no covering doctors, so don’t have appendicitis or break a bone or you are screwed.  Never mind something trivial and vain such as an eating disorder.  Those things can wait, right?  I’ve been waiting for “care” for 34 years now.  Maybe I’m just “faking it,” like that doctor said back in 1982, shortly before Karen Carpenter died.  Only the doctor himself died, so we can’t really cross-examine him on the witness stand.  Maybe he is only playing dead, but he’s been playing dead a while himself.   I mean, when they rolled back the stone and found Jesus not there, it had only been three days.  If we roll back the stone on this doctor, it’s sure gonna stink bad, whether he’s there or not.


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