Friday, and life goes on

I was told on Monday that I should see a doctor immediately, preferably that day, even though it was Memorial Day.  Person X tried to get me an appointment, but I guess there was no communication, or she communicated with the wrong people.

I do know she has communicated directly, that is, voice-to-voice, actual conversations, with the head of Team 2 of CBFS.  However, CBFS is a totally useless organization that does nothing.   I mean, they are not even going to give me a RIDE to the doctor’s, so what’s the use of talking to these people?

I guess there is still no communication with anyone medical.  It’s mid-Friday and I have not seen a doctor, not had any blood tests, not seen a stethoscope, not had an EKG, not had my blood pressure taken (not that I need it) not been weighed…and I sure don’t WANT to be weighed but you get the point.

Are all these MD’s on vacation?  Are they all on pregnancy leave?  Have they all been in car accidents?  Are they all in comas?  Maybe they are all in Aruba, sipping on pina coladas.

Friday, and I am still alive, and meanwhile someone has slipped poison into those pina coladas.

4 thoughts on “Friday, and life goes on”

    1. Oh thanks so much, Emma. Life does go on. I am really actually in a very good mood today. You wanna know something? I made out like a bandit at the CVS last night. I had zillion coupons printed out. Stuff like mouthwash, baby powder, everything I needed except laundry stuff, that I couldn’t find, but then on top of it all, 20% off. So I ended up paying like seven bucks for the whole shebang. And also, I bought myself a fan.

      Of course, I should have waited till the end of the summer to buy a fan, just like you buy Christmas wrap the week after New Year’s, right? That’s when you get the really good stuff for like 50 cents. But anyway, this is a really, really little one, a table one, not an el-cheapo one that’s gonna fall apart, either, and I paid pennies for it. Not only that, but because I rearranged my apartment about a week ago, I have a table in a nice strategic place to put the fan on.

      Now, what I need is a new chair. I’ve been thinking on this one for a long time. Yeah, life goes on.

      Go out and have yourself a good time today, okay?

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