A number of humans have reached out to me lately and I am grateful.  I am surprised, actually, cuz I am such a bitch, yet folks really have been so kind to me.  Every little bit means so much to me.

It’s so tough when you don’t have the care you need.  I am trying but I can’t seem to get anywhere.  I still don’t have an appointment with a doctor.  Tuesday is over now.  My new cell phone was working but it made beeping sounds, which was annoying, so I shut  it off and contacted the people who sold it to me and am now using my usual Welfare one, but that doesn’t matter, I still should have gotten the call about the doctor appointment.  I have made many calls and still no appointment.  I need blood tests and an EKG at least.

For god sakes, I should have had these weeks ago, a month ago or so.

I just love it when a doctor sticks a stethoscope at your chest and says your heart sounds great and you are just fine, and then you wonder how this doctor knows, because the stethoscope has not even touched your shirt!  This is how they operate on the psych units, I have seen doctors do this, pretend to listen to hearts and then say the patient is fine.

Oh, such baloney.

As soon as I am feeling just a little bit better, I promise you guys, I am going to be speaking to our state rep.

Squeaky wheel, squeak on.  I will never, ever shut up.  I promise.


2 thoughts on “Thankful”

  1. Julie, sorry I didn’t get back to you last night. Just tired.
    I am really happy people are reaching out to you – many of us do care. I’m sure that even though we come together with different dx, we can all relate to each other in some form or fashion!
    Sorry to hear about your phone and credit card. BOA was great when my debit card number was stolen.
    Talk to you soon!

    1. Terrie, my memory sucks, I can’t recall last night at all. I do remember calling BOA though. That was one thing that happened. I had to call several times. The first time I called was just to report the charges, then I called again, then suddenly I said to myself, “Wait, I’d better cancel out the card, right?” So I thought, “Gee, why didn’t the guy think of that?” But you’d think they’d do it automatically, seeing three charges in a row that were fraudulent. But they are not the ones looking at the bill, I am the one, so I said to myself, “This is my responsibility.” So I phoned them right back and they said the new card would arrive, oh no not to my apartment (where the mail gets mixed up all the time) but to my safe post office box.

      Really, Terrie, I would rather have a CC number stolen than a debit card number stolen. Now that’s something that has never happened to me. That must have been awful.

      Thing is, I think I know who did it, and these guys were dumb enough to buy concert tix with my CC card? You idiots, you are nailed. I told BOA I thought I knew, but the guy interrupted me practically mid-sentence, and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll investigate it thoroughly.” I’m tickled.

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