I was refused treatment by the hospital in Wisconsin…

They told me I should “seek treatment locally”….Well, there ain’t no treatment I can find here.  They meant stabilization for depression, and they didn’t say, but for suicidality as well.  She said to go to an ER, and I said no way was I going to an ER because they know nothing about ED’s at the ER’s here.  I said I could not even find a therapist here on public insurance, but that I was going to have to wait until July.  I did also say that Mass General has already refused to give me a therapist, flat out refused even though I practically begged them.  So Dr. P is really going to have to pull some strings to get me one.  I told the lady in Wisconsin that I am going to have to wait till July to get a therapist, if I get one at all, and that I know many other people with ED’s on public insurance that can’t find therapists here in the Medical Hub of the Universe.

I plan to go see my state representative or someone and talk to them about this.  Something has to be done.  Some magic or something.  This is like a fucking sin.  Our state rep has office hours, today, actually, and also next Monday, too.  Maybe next Monday would be better.  I swear I’m going to go and have something prepared and I’m going to speak up about the lack of care for people with ED, here in the Land of Plenty.

This is a fucking sin.  If nothing else is, this is.  And I don’t even believe in sin.

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