Crying while walking Puzzle, a wicked awesome thing to do now and then

You can cry and walk your dog at the same time so long as you have a supply of tissues in your pocket.  That way, you don’t have to use your sleeves.  Another thing I’d suggest is to make sure nobody’s looking.  And if you do anything out loud, make like you are talking to your dog or talking on a cell phone just in case anyone drives by or walks by with their own dog, or is listening out their window.  That way, it’s all kinda foolproof.

So I was out walking Puzzle this morning down a street I frequently walk on, and sure enough, started thinking about folks at church.  Don’t ask me why I thought of this particular person, never mind who, but this person is wicked, wicked nice.  I said to myself, “Oh honestly, Julie, you have not had one single negative interchange with this person, it’s all been entirely positive and pleasant.  Julie, this person and this person’s spouse, they are about the nicest people you could ask for.” And then I proceeded to think up more people at church that I thought were the nicest people you could ask for, and more and more people.  In fact, I had such a list that there was no list at all.  I just kept thinking of more and more wonderful people, a whole conglomerate of them.  You’d think I’d thought up a whole church full of them, more than ever show up on any given Sunday.  Actually, if that many people filled our teensy parking lot, a zillion cars would be double-parked and I guess there would be all sorts of problems for the first ones that had arrived.

Oh no, I didn’t get that far in my thinking.  By then, I  was bawling my eyes out.  Don’t ask me how many tissues I needed cuz I have no clue.  Me, leave Watertown?  Well, yeah, I really am planning to leave.  It does truly suck when you end up getting sad over stuff like this.

Relationships.  Well, like I said in previous entries, stuff happens like this.  There will always be folks I wished I had gotten to know better while I was here.  And folks might appear at some point and make it known that they wished they had gotten to know me a bit.  It was like that in every town I lived in and then moved away from, years ago, and so the pattern will continue.

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