An awesome site on eating disorders by Gwyneth Olwyn, Your Eatopia, link provided many thanks to a contributor

Gwyneth’s site is absolutely amazing.   Readers, you need to take a look.

Here is a link to her main page: 

I am especially impressed with her “about” page.  Here is the link:

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It is about time that someone pointed out the immense amount of research going into breast cancer and the “overweight” problem in the world compared to the pitiful lack of research devoted to restrictive eating.

Of course, we folks with eating disorders have always been painfully aware of this fact.  But Gwyneth spells it out for us.

Gwyneth, you rock.

Thanks to H, commenter on this site and eating disorder sufferer who most generously provided the link.

2 thoughts on “An awesome site on eating disorders by Gwyneth Olwyn, Your Eatopia, link provided many thanks to a contributor”

  1. I am so very glad that you find her site as awesome as I do. Without her, I would probably have relapsed many months ago, or not even begun recovery, as I have found medical doctors sorely lacking in knowing anything about eating disorders and recovery. There is a lot of information on it, and every time I read one of her blogs, I find myself agreeing with what she says.

    Keep on fighting the fight!

    1. You are so right, Heather, and Gwyneth does indeed tell it like it is. She is not stuck up on herself or over-inflate herself, she makes a point of not doing this.

      One thing that I do not do is to use the word “recovery.” Just a pet peeve of mine. I will tell you why. There are individuals and groups both that think they have cornered the market on this thing “recovery.” Their way is the only way, and there is no other way. So you are “recovered” or you are not “recovered.” You have it or you don’t have it.

      For instance, old-fashioned thinking used to be that if you did not have this thing “employment,” that is, a paycheck, that meant you were worthless.

      So people assume that since I do not see a “therapist” I must not be “recovered.”

      They assume that since “hospitalization” never worked for me that something must be morally wrong with me.

      The truth is that very few therapists are any good, and these hospitals are really crappy places where most of the staff don’t give a shit. People with eating disorders are well aware of this fact, especially those who do not have money, and people who do not have eating disorders or who are outside of our experience have absolutely no clue what we go through.

      You are so right that doctors have no clue. Some are better than others though. I don’t know if you are in the United States, but here in this country, I’d advise anyone with an eating disorder to stay away from an emergency room if they can. My experience is that the lack of knowledge about eating disorders in these places is abominable. If you go in with a broken arm you will leave with crutches and your leg in a cast.

      Heather, you keep fighting, too. I am really doing quite well. I will keep on writing and sharing. It’s something I love doing. I am planning my next book and I am so, so, excited about it. I wrote my sixth book last November for National Novel Writing Month when I wasn’t doing very well and I am not proud of it. But now that I am doing better, I am extremely psyched about this next one. A lot of people think I’m full of baloney when I talk about it, but all my life I’ve been told I’m full of baloney, so I’m used to that talk.

      Let’s put it this way: I was the only kid in my elementary school class to own a typewriter. It was the 1960’s. My teacher told me it was dumb to have a typewriter, that I was wasting my time doing all my writing. Today, I have my MFA in Creative Writing. That teacher can go kiss my degree.

      Take care of yourself, Heather. You rock!


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