The key to happiness to accept the unexpected

I suppose I can give yesterday as an example.  Yeah, sure, it pissed me off that it ended up not as I had planned, but that’s the way life is, like it or lump it, the sun goes down in the end for all of us and life will go on.

So I thought tomorrow my groomer was coming and I was going to wake up a bit earlier than I was comfortable with, shower and walk Puzzle, ask the Housing Authority where she can park (given the construction they are doing outside this week), get the  house neatened up so it will look decent, and she would come at noon.  Puzzle would get her beauty queen treat, which she enjoys, being one of those dogs that loves a bath and all that sort of stuff.  The nail clipping is the only part Puzzle shy over, so we have a way of getting that out of the way while she is daydreaming.

So after all this, I had planned that perhaps since I was short on sleep, maybe I would take a short nap, and then maybe go to the gym and have a run.  I’d make sure to time the end of my run so that the buses home would be on rush hour schedule, running every ten minutes or so.  My gym is a one-minute walk to the bus.

Absolutely perfect, right?

Anyway, that’s not at all how my life happened.

The key to happiness in life is to accept the unexpected.  Just live with it.

So this is how my day went.  Around 9 or 9:30 I guess, I got a phone call not on my usual phone, but on the phone I never, ever use and nobody has the number to, or hardly anyone has the number to.  It’s from my groomer.  I choose not to pick up because doing so will use up $2 of the charges on that phone, and I assume that she’s accidentally called the wrong number.  I try to quickly call her back using other cell phone and find out the entire account has been accidentally–what’s the word for it–it’s an awful word to hear–banned?  No.  Deleted?  No.  It wasn’t “Disconnected,” it was some word that meant it was no longer viable or okay and it was now completely wiped off the map.  I just can’t think of the word but is something no one enjoys hearing over and over, especially if it was done by accident by tech support.

So a couple of calls.  One to my groomer, this one the easier one, rescheduling Puzzle.  She tells me it might be a bit of a squeeze for her today and asks if next week might be better.  I tell her I’m fine with this because I had been concerned about today’s parking problem here at my building anyway.  So next week they will be all done with the construction outside and parking won’t be a problem.  We talk and laugh a bit.

Now, the calls to tech support.  Guess what?  These calls lasted all day long.  Yes, all day long to get my phone reconnected.  That was my day.

Most of the time, I was on hold listening to the worst, most awful, most repetitive “music”  you have heard in your life.  You really could not call it music, it’s the stuff they play on the radio I suppose, but I have not owned a radio in years, so I wouldn’t know, and they played the same bars over and over, to torture us I guess.  This “music” was interrupted by loud, screaming voices telling the listener to wait because a tech support person would come on any minute now, and then this awful few bars of “music” would play again, and again, and again.  And this was what I got tortured with every time I got transferred from one tech support person to another, there was always a lengthy wait.

I did take a long nap midday.  I was plain exhausted.  Held Puzzle and felt damn thankful for my dog.

After my nap, back on the phone and going through the long, torturous waits with the awful “music” on hold.

In the end, they asked me if I was satisfied.  I gave them hell.  For the first time, yes, gave them hell.  The unfortunate tech support person, no, I told her, please relay this information to your company because I am not speaking to you specifically, but when I say “Assurance Wireless,” and I hear that little dip in the voice, yes, I hear it, I always hear that DISRESPECT, that inner knowledge that yes, I am on Welfare and yes, I do sponge off the government and live off tax dollars and no, I did not go to a vending machine some 33+ years ago and decide, hey I CHOOSE this, and pick out this anorexia nervosa from all of them because it has a fancy Latin name I’d never heard before,  no, no one chooses to be disabled, no one asks for the unexpected in life.

So today is another day.

I love my life.  Absolutely love it.  I couldn’t be in a better place than I am right here, right now.

You end up wherever you are.  And that’s that.  There’s no more to it.  Nothing fancy.  It’s just so utterly fantastic.

2 thoughts on “The key to happiness to accept the unexpected”

    1. Oh gee, Maz, I have no clue. Life sucks and then you die. Shall we start the game? Which decade was that? The 80’s? The 90’s? Kurt Cobain? Or maybe Kurt Vonnegut said it in the 60’s first. I’ll bet it gets a lot more fun once your figure out which is more fun: the part that sucks or the part that yeah, you live. Life does go on. This is the 21st Century. Plug in the charger and guess what? It might even work.

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