Good morning

Hello, blog readers!  I have woken up and everything seems rather okay here.  I made some breakfast for myself, made breakfast for Puzzle, walked Puzzle and daydreamed a whole lot, dropped by at the church to say hello to my minister, continued to walk Puzzle, came back, gave her the gourmet breakfast I had prepared for her, and now am proceeding to continue with my day.  I am feeling quite good and am not feeling very much of the dizzy feeling I felt yesterday, which was from the medication I started Wednesday night.  The dizziness was minor and not something I was too worried about unless it were to increase.  My sense was that it would go away.  I was right.  Today I am much better.   I am feeling so terrific that this afternoon I am going to the gym and will be running on the treadmill.  I won’t run very far, since it will be my first time back in a while.  I am going to be very careful, because I have heard so many stories about people falling on treadmills.  I even saw someone fall once.  It’s horribly embarrassing, and of course there is risk of injury.  I always tie that thingy onto myself to get the treadmill to stop immediately if I goof up.  I have never fallen.  My mom pointed out to me that when I was a very young child, I was extremely cautious.  I guess it’s one of those personality traits.  Like when I knit, I tend to not drop stitches.  Ever.  She said I was not a kid that did things sloppily.

So, the day is still young.  I need to work some on Lesson One, which is creeping along.  It is only the technical part that I have to finish up now, and this is time-consuming.

You may be wondering how last night’s sleep went.  Your average person may look back on the night and say, “Gee, I slept terribly last night!” but for me, I’d say it was a better night’s sleep than any I’ve had since August 2011.  I don’t recall the night all that well, but I do recall waking up and laying there, looking at my watch at some point, going back to sleep, wondering if I’d been asleep or awake for a few hours, and then suddenly it was 6:30 in the morning and none of that even mattered.   Puzzle wasn’t even with me and I hadn’t noticed that she had decided for whatever reason to let me have a go at it by myself.  I decided I’d had enough of the bed thing for the night and to do the day thing.  So that was last night.

Today, I guess things are normal here in my little apartment.  I can tell because the sneezer next door has been sneezing as usual.  So this delights me knowing that my sense of hearing is still intact.  Her TV is blasting today, too.  No one has had any kitchen disasters this morning so no smoke alarms went off to my knowledge and we didn’t end up with the guys in uniform at the front door knocking around demanding to know who burned the toast.  Earlier, the old ladies were pacing around in the hall like this place was a nursing home.  I guess I could let that annoy me or I can just laugh my fool head off at the situation, and live my life completely away from these fuckers.

Hey, Julie, you are a winner.

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