My two cents on marriage equality

Of course, two cents won’t buy you much these days, it being 2013, so whatever I say, if you find it worthless crap, just click on the little x on the side of your browser tab, and poof! I’ll be gone from your life.  My name is Julie Greene and if you keep reading this, you’re stuck with me for a few minutes.  Take your pick.

I own a calculator.  I also kept my old slide rule from the 1960’s and have it tucked away in a drawer.  When my dad gave me the slide rule for Hanukkah and taught me to use it, he beamed with pride watching me learn.  When calculators came out (I really have no clue what year this was, I think in the 1970’s) it was considered “cheating” even to own one, in fact, very few teachers even allowed us to use slide rules during tests.

Actually, I own more than one calculator.  You can find pop-up ones in cell phones and Kindles and the like these days.   When I design knitting patterns, a calculator is indispensable.  I can’t do math in my head like I could when I was a kid, being out of practice, so I whip out my calculator (bought for a few bucks at CVS), and figure out stitches per inch and what size needles I need, or how I will need to increase or decrease, or any other kind of planning I need to do for my self-designed patterns.  That plus I’ll clue you in on something: folks with eating disorders, at least once in their eating disorder lives, go through some “counting” phase, like maybe adding up calories or whatever, so that calculator’s gonna come in handy.   A lot of people without eating disorders count calories, too.  But they claim it’s justified, and we’re sinners.

So speaking from the sinner’s point of view (meaning that maybe, maybe, I ain’t perfect), today I pulled out my calculator, which never gets used for anything but figuring the budget anymore, and subtracted 18 from 55.  The result?  The number of years I’ve been a legal voter, that is, 37.

Now that’s a long, long, long time.  It must be, because that’s even longer than I’ve had my eating disorder.

And they still haven’t figured out the marriage equality thing?  Yet?  I mean, isn’t it a no-brainer?

I swear I popped out of my mother’s womb believing in equality, knowing it was right and good and just, and have never budged.  It’s just plain obvious.

I can count calories all I want, or not, I can even pull out the old slide rule and try to remember how to use it.  But these won’t affirm or deny what I’m saying.  I know what I have always known.  Love partnership has little to do with whether you are a man or a woman.

It’s just plain obvious, a given.

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