News about, my new site

from the site:

“I have finished filming Lesson One at last and it is in the editing stages.  As expected, it is taking me lots of time to get the movie just the way I want it. The writing part took about a week.  Reading it in front of the camera in fact went quite smoothly.   I am rather clumsy with the “effects” part of putting it all together, but am slowly learning.  I expect to have the entire Lesson One up here on the site by Saturday night, that is, the 30th of March, 2013.  I will also be providing a link that you can click on, which will be supplementary reading.  It goes along with the movie, to read afterward if you want to learn more.  You will see.

Till then,

Julie and Puzzle”

PS: the film will be posted on Vimeo rather than You-Tube due to time constraints.  I’ll get all this figured out by tomorrow night.  Boy do I love being a techie.

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