Food for Puzzle

Liver!  Liver!  Puzzle does a dance and jumps all over me every time I go near the beef liver.  I am this stuff in the crook pot.  Humans eat it with onions, but Puzzle can’t, because dogs can’t have onions.  Beef liver is dark brown and kinda slimy.  I normally get chicken liver, but the supermarket was out of chicken liver last night.

Puzzle gobbles up some pork, cooked up fresh, too.  I have no idea what the name of the cut was.  There are all kinds of names of cuts of pork.  I don’t get her ham, or any other salty kind.

Puzzle doesn’t know it yet, but I have a whole fresh chicken for her in the fridge.  This was 99 cents a pound.  Sometimes, you can get poultry for even less.  Sometimes, I get poultry for free for her at the food pantry.

Puzzle adores canned green beans.  I don’t know why dogs love them so much.  I get them without salt.  You can freeze these, and give them as treats.

I always put a little rice or grain in Puzzle’s food. Not too much, though.  Some dogs eat grain and some do not.

When I open up Puzzle’s vitamins, she wiggles around and gets all excited.  That sounds kinda weird, now doesn’t it, getting excited over vitamins?  Those powder doggie vitamins must be yummy.  Wow, how great it must be to be a dog.

No wonder they don’t end up with eating disorders like us humans.  If only  life could be so yummy and terrific like this.  And uncomplicated.  I must say, I got a bunch of late aunts who would roll over in their graves knowing I had these sorts of meats in the house.  According to Jewish law, if you keep Kosher, do you have to feed your dog Kosher, too?  Actually, I doubt it.  Oh, I could get very funky talking about the food chain right now.  Or just go to sleep while the liver cooks in the crock pot.

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