My latest You-Tube

Not exactly sure when I wrote this.  I know it doesn’t really say what I wanted it to say.  This is the first time anyone’s hearing it, in case you’re wondering.  Seems like no one even watches my You-Tubes on Facebook, or “comments,” or “likes” them, or even gives a shit if I’m alive or dead.  Like I said, all my college buddies came in from outa town and had a marvelous time here in Boston without me last weekend while just down the street I lay in bed in the dark wondering how on earth I was gonna make it from minute to minute.  Good thing I have grown out of the bad habit of staring at the phone for hours on end.  That’s a teenage habit from the 60’s and 70’s.  Actually, in the late 70’s, I remember the “lying in bed waiting for him to come home” syndrome.  That doesn’t work, either.  You don’t get much sleep that way, especially if your apartment has no heat.  The answer: Move outa town, or find someone else, or just be your own person.

People who think I’m shit can go to hell.  Why are you hanging around?  So you can gossip your other friends about how horrible I am?  I those think horrible things that you’re so jealous of come in teensy packages.

Maybe one of your problems is that you don’t know how to spell “loose weight.”  You can exercise all you can want, even cut your Big Macs in half, but you’ll never “loose weight.”

Well, here’s the You-Tube:



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