Interesting coincidence: Fire on Main Street in Watertown tonight, 2/26/2013

I just received one of those “breaking alerts” from the Watertown Patch.  These come in my e-mail…I opened the alert and it stated that there was a three-alarm fire on Main Street.  This fire apparently broke out in the block of buildings that contains a hair studio and a yoga studio.  I walk past there all the time with Puzzle, and it’s very, very close to my home.  Jeepers.

Now, you may recall that just last night, I did a You-Tube piece called “Main Street.”  This is purely a coincidence, but kind of a scary one, don’t you think?  I talked about nobody wanting to walk alone on Main Street in the wee hours, and nobody being out except the drunks and the partyers, or I guess that’s what I said.

And people like me.  People all alone with their eating disorders, but I didn’t say that quite like that.

Maybe I should turn down the heat, eh?

Anyway, the article stated that the Patch would so kindly keep us readers updated on the fire, and our fire department would of course put out the fire ASAP.  I received a text message from the T, and I assume this was to say that the #70 bus has been diverted off Main Street, because…hey, folks, Main Street is closed off.

Main Street….go see my You-Tube channel and keep yourself amused.  It’s the Juliemadblogger channel.  Here’s “Main Street”:

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