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Things are looking up for me.  I made a list yesterday of things I need to work on and ways that I have improved my life.  Nobody asked me to make this list.  I did it on my own.  It is a very crude list.   I have reworded it somewhat so that you can understand it better, because my version is slightly abbreviated.

1. I need to finish the projects that I begin.

2. I need to improve my sleep.

3. I need to start a new writing project.

4. I need to continue to work on my running.

5. I need to validate my improved thinking about the way I view my two brothers.

6. I need to further develop my You-Tube channel.

I elaborated on these six goals as follows:

Number One: I need to make lists periodically and prioritize items.  I should get into some sort of routine again.  In a way, I have started to do this.  I have been running every day, showering daily, getting into night clothes every night instead of sleeping in clothes, getting Puzzle out earlier in the morning, going to bed at a reasonable hour, getting Puzzle out at night before it gets too late, keeping my floor extremely clean, doing the dishes right after I dirty them, hanging up my clothes instead of throwing them on the floor, keeping my desk clean, emptying the trash regularly, and many other things.  I need to see what works, and keep doing what works.

Number Two:  I think I’ve spoken about this before.  I have made improvements in my sleep.  I need to see what works and keep doing it.  Lack of sleep was causing many problems.

Number Three: I need to decide on a writing project, set a deadline, and work toward the deadline.  I need to work on the writing project daily.

Number Four: I am making great progress with running.  I need to remember to take a day off now and then.  So far, I am working steadily toward my goal of being ready for the 5k I have signed up for at the end of  April.

Number Five: I have completely resolved my angst over my brother Phil not loving me.  I have let go.  This is HUGE.  My brother Ned is not the same person as my brother Phil.  I have to remember that just cuz they are both baby brothers, they are not the same.  My religion tells me there are no schmucks in this world.  But Phil is acting like a schmuck.  Ned is doing his best and I give him a lot of credit for trying.  I need to separate them.  I can and already have detached from Phil.  It’s just the way families are.  As my new therapist said, Jacob and Esau settled the matter of the birthright over a bowl of chicken soup, nothing more.  Families get to be stinkers over nothing.  That’s the breaks.  He’s so right.  I love  having a new T who does not have boundary problems and has nothing to gain personally from doing a power trip on me.

Number Six:  This is big news for you readers, cuz I am going to expand my You-Tube channel!  I plan to do two, yes two You-Tubes a week.  I love hamming it up in front of the camera.  What have I got to lose?  I love my “fan club,” those imaginary folks in the imaginary audience on the “other side” of that camera.  After all, they don’t dump me, they don’t walk out on me, they don’t laugh at me, they don’t kick me out, and when I call them, they pick up the phone, or so I’d like to think.  They never unfriend me, certainly, or talk about me behind my back or gossip about me.  My You-Tubes for my lovely audience/fan club will be on the following topics:

Readings from my own works
And many more

I think my upcoming You-Tube will be a posting of the one that was supposed to be for healthyplace dot com but never got up there.  Then, my next one will be on the following topic:

How to put on and take off a dog sweater

Stay tuned everyone!


Feedback and comments welcome!