Sleep is like going into another world

I found myself in bed at around 4:30 or so this morning, having absolutely no clue what was going on or what had happened to me. All I knew was that I had faltered in my constant vigilance and things had transpired in the night beyond my consciousness. Did this mean I had slept? Even deeply? It has been months since I have experienced anything like this. Real sleep. It meant loss of control to me and it also meant I had to restart myself, a clean slate, all the crap from yesterday slept off finally, if only for a couple of hours. Once I got used to the fact that I indeed slept, refreshed my body, and woke up, I told myself I could hardly wait to do it all again tonight.

Sweet dreams, readers. I think I’ve targeted the cause of my insomnia, and fixed it at last. [end]

2 thoughts on “Sleep is like going into another world”

  1. Hi Julie, that sounds great! I’ve suffered from insmonia for years- probably not as bad as yours- but its an awful vexation, neertheless. Best of luck in beating it again, night after night…

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