I made countless calls today trying to find nutritionists

So far, only one has called me back, with a negative.  This was the one I called before but I wanted to double-check that she was being honest with me that she indeed did not take my insurance.  She referred me to places I’ve already called and these places have already turned me down.

Medicare does not cover nutrition services for eating disorders, period.  This is the problem!  I am going to have to find someone who will take a small payment on a sliding scale.  Now, sliding does not mean $100 for fifteen minutes.  Sliding means sliding.  Sliding means for people who don’t have much money.  If I had the money, I wouldn’t need sliding, now would I?  But a lot of people ask for a sliding scale that can very well afford to pay.  No one should judge, though.  No one.

And yet…I was at the free vet about six months ago, and this lady behind me said, “I can afford to go to the regular vet, but I don’t go as a matter of principle, cuz I don’t think vets should charge so much.”

Well, damn it all, I’m pissed at myself for not suggesting, I mean really strongly suggesting to this lady that she leave a hefty donation to the free vet clinic.  There’s a donation box right there and no one’s pressured to leave anything in it.  But anyway….

Anyway….I’m waiting for calls from these nutritionists.  One, I searched high and low for her phone number or some sort of contact info, and could find none, so I paid Facebook a dollar to send her a message.  I told her that a dollar was a lot of money and she’d better appreciate my efforts.  I told her that was how important it was to me to find care.  If she appreciates this, then maybe she’s the one for me.

I’m totally exhausted.

Feedback and comments welcome!