My decision…to go inpatient, or not?

I phoned Walden’s Admissions people, and they answered the phone right away.  I spoke at length with the person.  I gave my name and date of birth and info.  Someone is going to call me back, some intake person.  I think it will be a social worker or nurse.  So it will not be just a clerical worker or salesperson but someone with knowledge who will advise me as to whether I should come in for an “evaluation.”

I explained that my insurance only pays for inpatient, that I have Medicaid and Medicare, and that my lifetime inpatient Medicare days were used up years ago.  This means that if I am admitted, the hospital is using my Medicaid, and probably losing money on me.  I have to keep this in mind, that the doctor is going to know this and that they will have an “attitude” about me from day one.  On the other hand, as a Medicare patient, I still have Medicare rights, whether Medicare is shelling out bucks to the hospital or not.  Of course, this was not part of my discussion with the admissions person.  It’s possible they may choose not to admit me, though, based on the fact that I represent just another financial loss to them.


I got off the phone with the Admissions people and made a few more calls, but a bit later, the Admissions people phoned me back saying they were concerned about me and wanted me evaluated by the Crisis Team.  These Crisis Team people would come to my home.  I said I didn’t want the Crisis Team here without calling first and I didn’t want the cops here, no ambulances and no uniforms or stretchers please, cuz my neighbors tend to gossip.  They said fine, no cops, and they’d have the Crisis Team call.

The Crisis Team called and we spoke.  I said if I were to go in, I’d have to have someone take care of Puzzle, and we left it at that.  There won’t be anyone coming over, but I have to phone them tonight.  I contacted the person who took care of Puzzle last summer, but I’m not sure she can take care of Puzzle now.  We’ll see.

I guess I’m kinda cornered into it now.

It’s getting harder and harder to think straight.

2 thoughts on “My decision…to go inpatient, or not?”

  1. Julie, you are a very wise and brave woman to be able to reach for help when you need it. I applaud your ability to advocate for yourself, no one knows your specific needs going in better than you since you’ve walked this path before. I really hope you find someone to care for Puzzle while you get the help you need. Before you know it, the two of you will be back together again, taking care of each other.

    1. Thanks so much Terrie. I am certain everything will work out. Whether I go “in” or not…we will see but I know something has to change. What I am doing now is not working.

      The therapist I’d been seeing just called. I keep telling her I’m done seeing her. Can’t she hear this? She said, “I’ll see you soon.” Well, she won’t. I can’t seem to get rid of her.

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