Staying by myself

Having recently been dumped by two more friends, I’ve decided to stick to myself.  Just stay home and be alone.  Not that I wasn’t doing that already…but at this point, it seems rather stupid to trust anyone or allow anyone into my life.

The last friend dumped me for absolutely no reason.  I didn’t do or say anything offensive to her.  Suddenly, boom!  She was gone without explanation.  When I called, she did not pick up or call back.  I called a second time just in case she did not get the first message, but after that, I wasn’t going to keep on calling if she wasn’t going to call back.  And no, she’s not “out of town” or “crazy busy” and there hasn’t been a “death in the family” as far as I can tell by her Facebook page.  She hasn’t unfriended me.  That would be rather drastic, I suppose.  What really gets to me is the “no explanation” part.

I don’t even want to show up for church.  I rarely go.

I don’t even have much to say here right now.  Except that humans royally suck.  You can trust your computer more than you can trust another human.  Sure, computers crash and are very frustrating and make you want to tear your hair out, but let’s face it:

A computer does not have legs.  It will not walk out on you.  Day after day, that bunch of metal will be waiting for you.

Don’t ever let your computer get stolen.

I can’t hug my computer, but my dog is good at cuddling.

Keep your life under lock and key, my friends, like I do, and you’ll be safe.



2 thoughts on “Staying by myself”

  1. My dog, RikE, is my biggest pal,my best friend, and accepts me for all the different moods I might present. I’m bipolar, so he sees it all. He is a Chinese Pug, and is 13 yrs old. My female pug was LuC, who was 15 when she died a year ago. I still miss her….

    1. I have heard that one of the amazing abilities that Pugs have is their ability to understand and relate to humans. That’s pretty hard, too, when you think of it. Puzzle sends out love to you! Me too!


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