When your digits match: Thought for the day

When your digits match
(I’m finding this out)
That is, when you are 55 years old, or 44, or 22, or 11
Something magical happens

I would honestly have no clue if this works at 66
Cuz I have not reached that point yet

The magical thing is that whatever event
Occurs in your life
No matter how shitty
No matter how exhausting
No matter how costly
No matter how much of a goddamn nuisance
Instead of hitting your head against the wall
You end up asking yourself
“What did I learn from this?”
“How can I do better next time?”
“What can I teach others who are going through the same thing?”
“How do I proceed from here?”

And life goes on.

Now obviously, this trait of being able to pick up the pieces and move on
Has nothing to do with digits matching
This ability to step outside of oneself occasionally
Look at oneself from the point of view of another
Laugh, even
May be the trait of a writer
Or comic
Or artist
Or storyteller.

When I was a kid, I did this literally.  I hitch-hiked.
When I had a bad ride, I’d shake myself off, like a dog shaking its coat
And head back out onto the edge of the highway.
I’d wait for the next ride
And see where it brought me.

So my suggestion for the day
Is to thank all the assholes in your life
Who have brought you this far.
God bless all the bad rides, bummer trips
And the times it rained.

Because these are the things that get you moving
These are the things that get you pissed off
And writing
into action
helping others
reaching out
changing your life
And the world.

So just for today, all you double-digit folks,
Be the Revolution.
Bless everyone in your life that ever hurt you
Thank them from the bottom of your heart.
Live and grow.

Feedback and comments welcome!