How to be pissed off like a grownup: dos and don'ts


Speak up

Write an empowered letter or e-mail to someone in a high place

Send the letter


Don’t let yourself be censored or squelched

Don’t drive while pissed off


Keep your voice firm.  Don’t yell, don’t whisper, don’t swear

Be proud

If a person put you down, prove that person wrong and show him or her that you are strong.  Don’t fuel the fire by acting like a fool.

“Slow and steady wins the race” still holds true today.

Be persistent.


Don’t abuse substances.  Don’t act out.  Don’t be destructive.  Don’t take it out on yourself.

Suggested alternatives:

Join the Occupy movement.  Try out  a class.  Vote.  Read a book.  Sign a petition.  Travel on public transit.  Help a homeless person or someone you find at random or someone you find online.  Donate old clothing to charity.  Go through your trash and weed out what can be recycled.  Do your laundry, fold it, iron it, and spend the evening sewing on buttons.  You’re going to feel a lot, lot better very soon.





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