The flu is a great bargain

Just think: only four days of this and it will be gone.  You don’t get that kind of deal with other illnesses.  When I first got my mental illness, some 33 years ago, I thought it would only be a few days.  If that was all it had been, of course, I would have forgotten it ever happened.  But no, mental illness isn’t the great bargain that the flu is.

You get chicken soup.
You get sympathy.
You might even get flowers.
People “get it.”
People don’t blame you for it.
It’s not a “moral issue.”
When you miss work due to the flu, you return to work you still have your job.
You don’t get discriminated against.
You don’t get locked up.
Unless you die, you don’t get your belongings rifled through.

Yeah, you feel damn crappy.  But others have been where  you have been. They tell you to get rest and drink fluids and it will run its course.

I feel blessed.

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