An excerpt from my journal from my stay at Alcott, Walden Behavioral Care, July 23, 2012

“I just talked to Dr. Woo a bit ago.  I felt that he had no interest in me.  I felt that he knew nothing about me and didn’t want to know anything, either.  He seemed to care [more] about my weight than anything else.  It’s not my weight that’s going to kill me right now.  It’s how I feel.  He asked me if I had any psychiatric issues and I tried to refer to my list.  Already I felt like I was being pushed out the door.  After I said a few sentences he wanted to end the conversation, then as I read my list he wanted to end the conversation partway through several times.  I had to talk real fast cuz he was pushing me out the door.  He was switching from page to page in my chart and I sensed that he was doing “paperwork” with it while I was speaking and he didn’t even hear me.  I left feeling like I’d been through an assembly line.  What are these psychiatrists for?  Deb also only cared about my weight and nothing else.  This person is supposed to be part of my team.”

Copied verbatim

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