My human rights complaint against Walden Behavioral Care, update, telephone rights, you're just not going to believe this one (or maybe you will)

Yeah, they did it again!  I appealed the decision from back in August (or I guess it was July) and sent in something in August.  The DMH never received this paperwork, so I resent it via e-mail September 4th, as I told you.  I immediately received an e-mail from Lizbeth Kinkead saying she would follow up.  On October 9th, I figured I’d heard nothing, so I phoned Lizbeth, and she said the hospital had sent me something, didn’t I receive it?  I said, no, I had not.  So she resent it.  I opened this only to discover that it contained old paperwork, nothing new.  No response to any of the new paperwork I had sent, that is, no response to what I sent, originally, back in August that got lost, that I resent in September and have now waited over a month for a response.   They in fact did nothing.  I believe this correspondence has been ignored.  Well, duh, that’s exactly what happened.

Shall I throw my hands up in the air and say, “That’s the breaks!”  Nope.  I don’t give up so easily.

See. when I was there, I promised those kids that if I ever got better, I’d get them their rights.  This is one promise I’m not going to break, folks.  I’m going to do this for the kids.

You know, I keep getting this junk mail from an organization called change dot org.  I finally opened their junk mail and I think it’s time to start a petition if I don’t get some action out of the DMH real soon.

I have written to M-Power and apparently either their e-mail address is dead or they are too busy to bother with me.  Maybe I should make a phone call to them.  Or are eating disorders “minor illnesses” to them and are they too busy fighting shock and forced injections?  Get real, folks.  Ban the tube.

So I had my first public speaking class last night.  Hey, folks, I’m going to change the world someday, just you wait and see.  That’s what I told the class.  It is already happening.

This morning, before my run
Right before going off to public speaking class last night


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