Sunday, fun day! Labor Day weekend…we are working folks!

Puzzle and Julie before our Sunday walk


It’s a lovely day.  Here are Puzzle and I as we were this morning.  I snapped this photo right after I brushed Puzzle’s teeth, body, and little face.

Since I am a ham today, I thought I would pretend we are models and tell you what we are wearing, and so on.

First of all, Puzzle’s hairstylist is Izzy Tappan-deFrees, alias Buddy Barber, see for details if you want to know about Izzy’s wonderful at-home grooming service.

My hairstylist is me.  I do my own braid.  Yes, some folks ask.  I do not dye my hair.   I am 54 years old and my hair has not yet turned gray!

The t-shirt comes from Jax dollar store in Central Square, which has closed down.  I paid a few dollars for the shirt.

The pair of shorts come from the Goodwill in Central Square.

The “poop bag” is a sac that came with an international socket converter I bought.   It has a drawstring.  I tie the drawstring to the drawstring of the shorts.

The hands-free leash is called The Buddy System and is available for an outrageous price through amazon at  I am going to review this product on Amazon, so more on this later.  I do love the leash though.

My MP3 player is a refurbished Sansa I got very much on sale many years ago and is still going strong.  It uses  a microSD chip to store music.  I bought the rubber protector and armband from ebay, don’t buy it from Sansa unless you want to break the bank.  Actually, any armband will do, you don’t need a special one but I think one came with it.

What I listened to: Daughtry, loud.

My headphones: These are Sony clip phones, my second pair of this model.  They break easily.  After some thought, I bought this model again and paid Staples $5 for a replacement warranty.  More on this later…I plan to review these.

My glasses: Prescription, I am nearsighted and they need new lenses put in, really can’t see too well!

Why am I wearing two watches?  The larger watch is a Timex Ironman 2003 model, the best databank watch Timex ever made in my opinion.  It is a USB watch. It didn’t cost much back then and now costs a fortune cuz it’s a collector’s item.  They don’t make ’em like they used to.  The “beep” function broke so the smaller watch is what I use when I need a “beep.”  One of these days, I’ll send in my Ironman for a repair.  In the Ironman, I can store appointments, the bus schedule, phone numbers, and more.  It has a stopwatch and timer.  No, you can’t get online with it and no, it isn’t a phone.

Inside my socks I have stored my keys and my cell phone.   My running shoes are Adidas, I forget which model but they are one of the few narrow enough for my feet.  I used Spenco cross-training arches for maybe the past 20 years.  You need to replace these pads once every few years, not too often.  I believe I purchased the insoles at for a good price.

On our two-mile walk, I photographed Puzzle:

Puzzle, while out on our Sunday walk

As you can see, Puzzle is having a decent time.

Then, we came home, showered and changed.

Puzzle and Julie, all dressed up for church on Sunday


And so, the transformation.

The sunshine yellow shirt comes from  I had a gift certificate from Christmastime.  It’s something like 55% cotton and the rest polyester, but you’d never know it cuz it seems to be all cotton by its consistency.  I have never had to iron it.  I bought it for church and it’s a good church shirt.  It’s also a good tie shirt.

The tie says “Save the Children” on it and I bought it for $2 at my church auction last year.  The “peace on earth” design is by Risa, age 10.  It is 100% silk made in USA.

The skirt was a donation from someone at my ex-patient center I go to.  So I got it for free.

The knapsack I purchased at Amazon ages ago, and reviewed.  It is no longer available.

I believe the water bottle is still on sale right now at CVS for under $5.  These are 24 oz and do not leak.

I bought the flip-flops (not shown)  at CVS on sale for under $10.

The rainbow belt comes from Boomerang’s, a thrift shop that donates its proceeds to AIDS research and prevention.

Puzzle’s rainbow collar is a gift from Izzy and Beth Tappan-deFrees.  They found it at the Gay Pride Parade this year.  Next year, I hope to march with church folks again and bring Puzzle with me.  Puzzle will be dressed up of course, but if it’s really hot she will be as “naked” as possible.

My rainbow button with the Flaming Chalice on it (our Flaming Chalice is the symbol of Unitarian Universalism) comes courtesy of the First Parish Church of Watertown, 35 Church Street.  Yes, we are a WELCOMING CHURCH and fly a rainbow flag up front.

In our UU service, we have a time called Joys and Sorrows.  Last week, someone criticized me in a phone conversation, cutting me down for what I said in Joys and Sorrows for no reason except to give herself power.  I did not let this bother me because I realized that this woman is desperately trying to control me for her own purposes.  She wants to be friends with me but she wants also to take over and run my life.  Naw, I don’t need that type of friendship.  I felt like I never wanted to speak up at Joys and Sorrows again.

But I broke that promise because this woman didn’t show up at the service.  The service was on the topic of work.  Why?  It’s Labor Day weekend.  What a topic.

Puzzle started working this week.  This was the Joy I shared.  In November, I will be working in North Carolina in exchange for room and board.  Officially, although there will be no actual paycheck, this is my first “work” since 1995 I think.  I am glad I shared.  We all celebrated and I feel very happy today.



Bound for North Carolina!

Yes, Puzzle and I are going to be in North Carolina in November!  We are flying on November 3rd.  And yes, I am doing Nano.  More on Nano coming up.

I will be near Boone, NC.  Boone is quite mountainous.  We will be there for the month, working, living, sharing, healing, discovering, and writing.

Today I did a little planning for my writing, that is, Nano, National Novel Writing Month, and made a little movie for the general public.  I’m practicing up my movie making skills and playing around at generally being a ham so that I can make a really good movie for MindFreedom International’s I Got Better campaign.

Anyone can make a movie who has a webcam.  Really!  You do have the software if…okay, okay, you may or may not already have it in your computer but you probably do.  I think at this point all PC’s have it and many Mac computers have their kind of movie editing software as well.  I used Windows Movie Maker and it is very user friendly.  I have not once needed to search the “help” database…it’s super self-explanatory.  Of course, I’ve only done very rudimentary stuff with it.

We have our outbound flight all set for November 3rd to Charlotte, NC.  And I contacted the airline and spoke with the disabilities person, who said it would be best if Puzzle traveled in a carrier, since she is so small.  I agree totally, for safety’s sake.  They said I could bring Puzzle out of the carrier anytime, but it’s going to be a short flight and Puzzle really likes her carrier and might just feel safer staying put.

Here’s my video review of the Sherpa carrier we purchased:

Can’t you see I’m having a blast?