More plans for my new book…NaNoWriMo 2012, essay-style!

Last night I thought that maybe writing a political satire was biting off more than I could chew, especially if I am going to do this for Nano.  So I thought maybe if I wrote a series of essays it might work out better.  I thought up eleven essays.  The eighth I decided would require a great deal of research.  That one would be a book in itself, maybe its own project.  I would need to interview people, maybe put up signs getting people interested in talking to me and seeing where that led.  Which would eliminate the eighth chapter, leaving me with ten essays.

Perhaps I want to spend one-tenth of my tine and energy spent writing the book on each essay.  That would be the total number of hours I spend on each….theoretically.  As it looks now, I could spend about equal time on each chapter because each one looks equally weighty.  I have listed subtopics.

Oh, if only it were that simple.  But it could be, couldn’t it?  Just go down the list…check, check, check.

So I will arrive in North Carolina on the third.  No writing that day.  I’ll have the first and second to write.  But maybe I should figure it all in terms of hours.  How many hours per sub-topic.  So if I have a master list, then all I need is a desk, a candle, and an inkwell, and I should be all set.

My dad used to say that he got in trouble because he took the pigtails of the girl in front of him and stuck them in his inkwell.

To this day, I wonder if this is true.  It is possible that he only dreamed it.  That he wished it.  Had he done the deed in real life, after all, it might have gotten him sent to “reform school,” whether such a place existed or not.

And what became of the girl?  Did she ever find out about my dad’s secret desire?  Did they ever link up on Facebook?  Naw, only if she was Jewish, and then again, he died long before Facebook came into being.  If she was a Shiksa, she never heard from him again, and married a Goy.

Feedback and comments welcome!