Julie's Open Mic Readings: Tonight at the Canadian-American Club, Watertown, MA

Last night’s reading at the Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge, MA hosted by Bob Gautreau was a smashing success!  I read well.  I must say, Puzzle and I do an entertaining read.  I excerpted from my chapter, “Pro Re Nata,” about the old Metropolitan State Hospital, which, by the way, closed down 20 years ago.  Hard to believe, folks, that it was that long ago.

And yet those state hospitals still exist.  These are not hospitals.  They are prisons for mental patients.

Come hear me read tonight.  Come meet my wonderful little Puzzle.  I think I will do the same text again.

Bob is a wonderful comedian hosting the shows at Out of the Blue until the end of 2012.  He invited me to read again and possibly participate in a video shoot he’s doing.  He needs someone to play a Jewish lesbian crazy character….

Well, Bob, I said, right up my alley.  I told him I was going to be in North Carolina in November, but come December, we’ll see to it.  Did I hear him say there’s an acting part for Puzzle as well?  Yeah, I think I heard that.  I think I did.

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