Bound for North Carolina!

Yes, Puzzle and I are going to be in North Carolina in November!  We are flying on November 3rd.  And yes, I am doing Nano.  More on Nano coming up.

I will be near Boone, NC.  Boone is quite mountainous.  We will be there for the month, working, living, sharing, healing, discovering, and writing.

Today I did a little planning for my writing, that is, Nano, National Novel Writing Month, and made a little movie for the general public.  I’m practicing up my movie making skills and playing around at generally being a ham so that I can make a really good movie for MindFreedom International’s I Got Better campaign.

Anyone can make a movie who has a webcam.  Really!  You do have the software if…okay, okay, you may or may not already have it in your computer but you probably do.  I think at this point all PC’s have it and many Mac computers have their kind of movie editing software as well.  I used Windows Movie Maker and it is very user friendly.  I have not once needed to search the “help” database…it’s super self-explanatory.  Of course, I’ve only done very rudimentary stuff with it.

We have our outbound flight all set for November 3rd to Charlotte, NC.  And I contacted the airline and spoke with the disabilities person, who said it would be best if Puzzle traveled in a carrier, since she is so small.  I agree totally, for safety’s sake.  They said I could bring Puzzle out of the carrier anytime, but it’s going to be a short flight and Puzzle really likes her carrier and might just feel safer staying put.

Here’s my video review of the Sherpa carrier we purchased:

Can’t you see I’m having a blast?

Feedback and comments welcome!