I’m kinda envious of people for whom therapy works.  People who show up at self-help groups and find them self-helpful.  People who go to hospitals and come out better afterward.  People who find that the system works for them.

I guess it’s tough, though, trying to talk to one of those people.  They often blame my non-recovery on me, saying, “It worked for me and if it’s not working for you, then you are not trying hard enough.”

I’ve kind of had enough of this line.

Have people said this to you?  That because you’re not better, you must be a rotten lousy person?

2 thoughts on “Solutions”

  1. Yes. And often those people had way more going for them than just treatment. Just about all of the people that have said this to me had amazing support from their friends and family and went home to a positive, loving environment. I, on the other hand, had no support from anyone and had to literally beg my father just to show up at family weekend.. only to have him cross his arms the whole time and refuse to look at me or say a single word to me. While they were all hugging and talking and crying together, my father stared at the wall. On top of that, the people who have said this to me also normally had much better access to care. Either their insurance didn’t cut them off prematurely or they had family that was willing to help foot the bill. Not only does this help them get the amount of treatment that they require, it also helps in getting being able to afford a nutritionist, therapist, etc so you have continued treatment after inpatient. While they were discharged to a whole team of people and a loving family, I was discharged to nothing.
    Now treatment is a hard thing for everyone and I’m not saying that they didn’t have to work as well, but they never seem to understand it from my side. Is it really me not working hard enough or is one of us starting on a much better foot than the other?

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Yes, this is so true! You hit the nail on the head. My situation exactly. No “loving family,” that’s for sure. No money. And many of these therapists consider me too far gone.


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