Back to the ED hospital

They changed their mind.  I guess someone gave a second opinion, upon looking at my lovely records.

So they gave me the option of going to the ED hospital.  As I have stated, this place is voluntary, so I have to agree to go there.  They can’t force me.

I agreed, cuz I’m scared of ending up in a worse place.  Yes, there are worse places.  I am going to ask for a transfer to the psych side, where they treated me a little more like an adult and with a little more respect.

Now, granted, their admissions people are either ill-informed or they flat out lie and will tell you that this can’t be done, that people don’t get transferred, but of course, such transfers happened all the time while I was there, not only that, but a transfer was offered to me and I declined.  Huge mistake.

I mean really, who the hell cares, I’m locked up, right?

Very shortly, I will lose Internet access and may be out of touch.  But I will be back, alligators.

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