Oh, glory halelluia from Ann

Here I am at a local ER cuz my case manager and her boss coerced me into going here.  She drove me here herself and it would have gotten super nasty had I refused all this.  Not that I’m expecting help here, no way, but the DMH people said that if I’m going to drop dead, we might as well find out right now instead of waiting an entire week when I have my appointment that they made me make with a doctor.  I guess the Charlie horses are reason to be concerned, that plus all the other stuff I deal with day in, day out.  I am in a wicked blabbermouth mood right now, which is not to my advantage cuz chances are, I’m going to blurt out something that gets me into some big time trouble.

So I’m waiting.  A lady called out to me, saying, “Ann!  Come here!” and of course that’s not my name, so I just sat here and ignored me.  Then she assumed I am deaf, and started making all sorts of wild gestures at me.  “Ann!  Ann!”  I didn’t see anyone else around but figured maybe she was on the other side of that desk over there.  So I am this deaf person now, with the nurse starting to walk over to me, “Ann!  Ann!”

Finally, I looked right at this lady and said, “My name isn’t Ann.”  Not that I was going to say what my name really is or anything.  I mean, if she wanted me she would figure things out soon enough.  After I told her I wasn’t Ann, she asked me if I’d had my vitals taken, and I said yes, I had, and then she walked away.
My stomach is killing me all of a sudden.  Dunno what this stomach pain is,   really.  If that doesn’t get me, lord knows what will.

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