I saw a new doctor today…blood test showed low blood sugar and dehydration…so what's new?

…And I saw a potential new therapist two days ago.  I’m not going to say much about that.

I tried to get into a study, not knowing too much about it, but they decided I was not a good candidate for it.  I think they were going to give the participants Prozac, anyway.  I don’t want Prozac.  But the $125 for four hours of interview would have been nice.

I saw my new primary care doctor today.  She is a nurse practitioner.  So far so good.  Except she said if the edema in my ankles (and calves and all over me) gets any worse, I will have to go into the hospital.  We shall see.

Then they stuck me a four times trying to get blood out of me.  I know the deal.  When I’ve been wicked dehydrated, the blood wouldn’t come out.  The phlebotomists  were super nice.  They knew, too, and offered me water.  I drank it.  Finally, blood came running out into the tube.  How nice.

They want me to fill our a Health Care Proxy.  Well, gee.  Someone who knows my wishes?  Surely, my brothers don’t.

No feeding tube.
No feeding tube.
No feeding tube, please.

I haven’t heard from either brother for over a month.  How depressing.  My mom called me once, asking for help with her computer.  My brother said he’d taken her computer offline and disabled it.   So how weird.  I didn’t call her back.

Of course, this make me a Sinner in the Eyes of God.

Does God actually even have eyes?  How the heck should I know?

A couple of hours after I came home, another doctor called me and told me my blood sugar level was 46.  And of course I’m dehydrated.  I read online that under 60 is considered hypoglycemic.  Under 50 and you can get brain damage.  Under 40 and you will lose consciousness.  How lovely.

I have a very embarrassing and funny story to tell you all.  Later.

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