SERVE New England, also called SHARE New England, no longer exists

I had put up information on this organization in a previous post because I assumed they were still running.  But it’s a good thing that I tested the link I’d provided, because in so doing, I found out that their website doesn’t exist and the domain is expired.  I Googled SERVE and found out that apparently in 2010 there was some trouble regarding a payment they were supposed to send to a farming organization that provided for them, and this payment didn’t happen or there was some sort of trouble with it.  The USDA closed down SERVE’s operations.  Problem was, folks that needed food didn’t get their food.  They had paid into the organization $26 in food stamps or cash and expected a delivery of groceries that never came.  Folks tried to contact SERVE and found disconnected numbers and got the runaround.  Here’s a link to a document describing what went on with the consumers and then what followed:

I notice that the Watertown town website still has SERVE listed as a resource.  This is also listed on the out-of-date sheet they gave me when I went to the food pantry, which listed resources.  This sheet is accessible online as well at the Watertown town site.  Some of the telephone numbers on the sheet are defunct numbers.  Also, the Watertown town site fails to mention that the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry at St. Patrick’s Church on Main Street is available to access twice a month, not once a month as the town website states.

Somehow, I will contact the town regarding the fact that they need to update their listing, and certainly take SERVE off there, as it has been two years now that SERVE hasn’t served.

Love y’all.

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