More about therapy

I have seen people after their upsetting therapy sessions curled in fetal position with their heads buried, completely unresponsive.  I suppose this is called “time out”?  What happens to these curled-up people?  Does the janitor sweep them up at the end of the day?

I have seen people leave therapy sessions saying that the topic of discussion was very upsetting and they can’t stand it anymore and it turns into a huge crisis situation and you can guess where they get shipped off.

Let us not forget all the therapists whose egos are tripled when they discover, upon return from vacation, that half their patients couldn’t cope on their own and hospitalized themselves.  Think how great it must feel for the therapist to be so needed and wanted and loved.

I have had therapists who have enjoyed this power.  When I suggested to these therapists that perhaps having power and control over me, and making claim that they and they alone had the amazing ability to cure me (but if it didn’t work, it was my fault and mine alone) was feeding into their already inflated egos, they invariably flew into a rage.

Those days are over.  I am outta here.

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