I didn’t know they were called hoodies.  But I guess if you’re going to give them a word, “hoodie” is as good a word as any.  Now, they have a new meaning.

Of course, I don’t follow the news, so I just found out why a lot, lot, lot of people decided to wear hoodies recently and what this meant.

I’ve generally preferred a wool hat over a hood.  Hats enable me to have more peripheral vision.  On the other hand, I can hide inside a hood.

What does it mean when a community is “gated”?  What is a gate?  Are our gates open or closed?  What lies beyond?

Perhaps we have gates around our hearts and our homes.  Perhaps our gates cover us and comfort us while we sleep.

Hey, the sun is preparing to rise in the sky.  Open the curtains.  See the light.

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