"Bad grammar, hideous colors"


Someone sent in a comment saying my site had “hideous colors and that my posts used bad grammar.”  Unfortunately, Askimet (the filter) alerted me that this was a spam comment.  Sometimes, Askimet messes up, so I double-checked on this, and yes, it was a spammer.  I can’t allow their posts to show up here and infiltrate my site.  There are actually very few that have even bothered to post comments here, so deleting them has never been an issue.  I just go through  them  and x them out every now and then.

It’s really unfortunate.  I very much looked forward to putting this one through as legit, and allowing it to post.  I wanted to respond to it by saying, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Hmm…would this be a copyright violation? Naw, it’s just one line, commonly known.  Might even be in the public domain.  Hell if I know.

You can stretch this.  Like posting links to sites that tend to allow posters to violate copyright law, not that I had any clue, but the article in the link itself is original?  Very sticky business.  You just have to pick this one apart and pick it apart and decide if linking to a domain is sustaining it by providing more hits.  I guess it depends on whether the hits bring in money to sustain the domain.

I was “policed.”  It was done automatically by computer.  I have thoughts on this one.  Not that I need therapy and pills to correct these passionate notions or thoughts deemed “wrong” because I am a little kooky in the head.

Kookiness gets policed, sectioned twelved, put on “checks.”  Weekly weight checks.  Protest marchers get rounded up.  I’ve been rounded up all my life and sent to the back of the class for speaking out.  It was kinda nice, though, because you can hide that book you’re secretly reading behind some mimeographed worksheets, and no one will know.

I do always have this fear that someday I’ll wake up and my site will disappear off the map.  I do back it up.  Contrary to popular belief, I’m not dumb.

Feedback and comments welcome!