Two You-Tubes about Weight Bias

While I watched the second clip, I really cried in the end when Ralph hit his home run.  Wish I could prove ’em all wrong like that.

I will talk more about biases people have based on ignorance.  Like assumptions people automatically make when they hear the words “I have anorexia nervosa.”

What assumptions do you make?   What judgments do you make?  Do you put yourself above me?  Do you walk away and shake your head?  Do you think you are wiser and smarter than I am or more grown up?  Do you think you love God more, or believe in a better God?  Do you think I have fallen away from God, or that I am a sinner?  Do you hate me because you fear me?  Do you fear me because you think I might die and you are afraid to die, too?  Are you scared to look at me?  Do you think I am unhealthy to be around?  Do you think I am a bad fit for your group, or that I never belonged in the first place because I am DIFFERENT?  Do you think that I made a bad choice and am now paying for it? Do you think I am vain and a shallow thinker with poor values?  Do you think something is wrong with me because I’m not all better by now?

Are you unable to forgive me because I have not ended up on the straight path to wellness?  Are you angry at me because you prayed for me and your prayers were not answered?

You know, a prayer is a request.  It’s like throwing a question out there.  As a writer, I like to answer questions creatively, and the written answer I come up with may not be the one you expected.  It may not be the one I expected, either.

But if there is a God and if this God answers prayers and if this God is excellent in every way you can imagine, I would bet that even if you asked for a cup of coffee and that was what you received, it would be given to you in a way so unexpected that if I were to attempt to write about what you, or anyone experienced, my words would flow off the computer screen and beyond my own coffee cup, and language would turn itself upside-down forever.

There’s the home run, folks.

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