A woman I loved

I am not going to be able to complete this post while here on the bus, but will write while I can until I am underground.

I need to express this right away cuz I feel like it. I need to. I am bursting with it. Otherwise, I will sit here and tell the story to myself and myself alone, and sit here on the bus and cry. These are tears of thinking of the way I felt when I was with another person, something I had never felt before. I think that many people go through their lives not knowing what it is like to be close to another person. Sure, they can have plenty of physical sex, I suppose…dang! How dare they? What kind of marriage is that? It is trap for one or the other or both. Again, I am rambling.

Anyway, let me trace back how I got to thinking about this angel. I opened a can of veggies that I found, lucky me! at the food pantry…these were unsalted! Of course these were the ones I chose, rather than the ones with crap in them. You can indeed find organic canned soup at food pantries, which sometimes receive these foods as donations. Last time I was there, I found soups that were the 365 brand, which is the Whole Foods Market brand. Don’t let these guys fool you. Read the labels. They have everything under the sun in these so-called organic foods, and things that someone will end up allergic to. That plus sky-high sodium content that will do your heart and blood pressure (never mind if you have edema) no good. (next)

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